What is Soberbia?


I’m glad you’re here reading this. :)

Soberbia is where I write about long term sobriety & recovery, relationships, parenting, and being yourself.

There’s so much that happens after you learn not to drink anymore.

The beginnings of sobriety and recovery get most of the attention, I’m writing about long term sobriety and recovery here. The things it does, how it shapes you, how weird it is to remember quitting drinking as the holy grail, and then to hold it in your hands for years, the inside of it made of mirrors that keep reflecting you back at yourself. Emptying the cup was only the first step. There’s so much more that happens after you learn not to drink at your life anymore.

The lessons never stop. It’s relentless in a way that I love most of the time. The thing that continually amazes me most is how much of my own suffering is at my own choosing. How many of my lessons are basically duh, how did I not see that? How much of life is the things I don’t want to, can’t, or won’t see. Both bad and good ones. Almost all the time.

So welcome! Thanks for being here. :)

Soberbia is for curious people who like reading about all that stuff.

(Back story: Soberbia was originally a blog I started writing in December 2012 as a way to stay sober. Here’s all my old posts if you are curious about what the beginning years of sobriety were like for me.)

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Amy Knott Parrish explores what life is like in long term sobriety and recovery.


Amy Knott Parrish

I write about sobriety, recovery, mental health, parenting, relationships, and unconventional solutions to conventional problems.